Post Audit

Post Audit

The UF IAC’s reputation for integrity to client company satisfaction is extremely important to the credibility and success of the program. 

Post Audit

The University of Florida IAC provides follow-up services to companies for which energy analyses and audits have been conducted.

About two months after the Final Report is delivered to the company, personal or telephone follow-up contact is initiated to see what AR’s or alternatives have been implemented, or are in the process of being implemented. A final follow-up is scheduled after six months to determine which recommendations were implemented, which are still under consideration, and why no implementation is planned for the others. For recommended measures that have been implemented, the plant representative is asked to provide implementation cost data and savings data projected or obtained so far. Information on what recommendations have been implemented by each client, and the bottom-line cost and savings data, is compiled and sent to the Rutgers University on appropriate forms.

This follow-up contact with client manufacturing companies is an extremely important part of the operation of the UF IAC. There are several benefits to this client follow-up. It helps insure that the client company understands the recommendations, and it shows that the IAC is truly interested and concerned with the economic health and competitiveness of the manufacturing company. This follow-up contact is thought to increase the rate of implementation of AR’s and use of alternative energy supplies by client companies.

The follow-up also provides formal documentation of the savings in energy and money that is due to the services of the UF IAC in particular, and the IAC Program in general. This formal documentation also contributes to the data base of information on the implementation rate, and cost-effectiveness of specific energy conservation technologies in categories of manufacturing companies. The UF IAC compiles and displays a running total of its AR implementation rate, its energy savings in Btu’s, and its cost savings in dollars.

IAC Review

The University of Florida IAC Director maintains close communication with the IAC Program management staff at Rutgers University. This professional communication allows the IAC to respond quickly and thoroughly to any questions or suggestions that IAC Program management staff have. In particular, the close communication links are important to receive feedback on the Plant Visit Audit Final Reports submitted for review and comment. The UF IAC staff responds completely and quickly to the written critiques of Final Reports that are suggested by the IAC Program management staff.

Program Evaluation

The UF IAC operates in a manner to meet the highest professional standards set by the existing IAC’s. Client company satisfaction is one of the highest priority goals of the UF IAC. Verification and evaluation of the operational methods and effectiveness of the various IAC’s is important to the credibility and long-term success of the entire IAC program. The University of Florida IAC Director cooperates fully with the University City Science Center Director of the IAC Program to set up visits to the client manufacturing companies served by the UF IAC.