Qualify for an Energy Audit

Qualify for an Energy Audit

The University of Florida IAC performs up to twenty-five industrial assessments per year for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. Procedures for the identification and selection of companies to audit are discussed below

National IAC Qualification Criteria

To be qualified for a free energy assessment, a specific manufacturing plant must meet the national IAC criteria. Please note that manufacturing plants that are part of a larger corporation are also eligible for energy assessments, as long as the individual plant meets the qualifications below:

  • a maximum of 500 employees at a particular plant,
  • gross sales less than $100 million per year,
  • energy bills, in excess of $100,000 per year, but no more than $2.5 million per year,
  • a lack of in-house personnel trained in energy use and energy conservation, and
  • a Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC) in the SIC2000-3999 group.

Geographic Area Serviced

The coverage area for the University of Florida includes 8 major cities (and surrounding area) in Florida: Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, St Petersburg, Tallahassee, Daytona Beach, Ocala and Gainesville. Other cities include Bradenton, Lakeland, St. Augustine, Lake City, and Perry. The coverage area also includes the South Georgia area not serviced by the Georgia Tech IAC. This area includes the cities of Valdosta, Brunswick, Thomasville, Waycross, and Moultrie. Additionally the UF-IAC does a series of audits in western Florida and southern Alabama. The companies selected to receive IAC services are reasonably distributed throughout this area by selecting companies for site visits that represent as much of a uniform sampling of the geographic region and SIC codes as is reasonably possible.

Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC) Codes

The eligible companies in are limited to those within the SIC group SIC20XX-39XX:

SIC CodeIndustry
20Food and Kindred Products
21Tobacco Products
22Textile Mill Products
23Apparel and Other Finished Products made from Fabrics and Similar Materials
24Lumber and Wood Products (Except Furniture)
25Furniture and Fixtures
26Paper Allied Products
27Printing, Publishing and Allied Industries
28Chemical and Allied Products
29Products of Petroleum and Coal
30Rubber and Plastic Products
31Leather and Leather Products
32Stone, Clay, and Glass Products
33Primary Metal Industries
34Fabricated Metal Products (Except Machinery and Transportation Equipment)
35Machinery (Except Electrical)
36Electrical Machinery, Electronics and Allied Industries
37Transportation Equipment
38Professional, Scientific, and Controlling Instruments, Photographic and Optical Goods, Watches and Clocks
39Other Miscellaneous Industries


The companies selected for site visits and audits are expected to cooperate fully with the UF IAC in providing information on energy usage, energy costs, plant operating data, and other factors necessary to insure that a quality energy audit and analysis job is accomplished, and a high quality Final Audit Report can be prepared. Companies must also be willing to co-operate with at least one follow-up implementation call and a follow-up survey. Companies must be willing to have their names listed as program participants. No UF IAC services are provided to companies who are unwilling or unable to provide this level of cooperation.